Debt Solutions

Loan Saver Network can provide a wide variety of debt solutions to help you through the tough times. Whether you are struggling to keep up with a mortgage, have credit card debt to consolidate, are being chased by debt collectors or the ATO, we could have the debt solution to make things right.

Debt Consolidation Loans

If you have a variety of debts with many different periodical payments, chances are some of them are at a higher than the required interest rate. This can make it difficult to reduce the amount you owe in total and can put stress on your major debts, such as a home loan.

A debt consolidation home loan can bundle other debts into one lower rate mortgage, with one monthly payment, that is more affordable and requires less administration time. They can end the stress of multiple debts and help you budget much easier for the future. 

Home Loan Arrears

If you have got behind on your home loan, then the best advice is to act fast. There are ways to help catch up, such as refinancing your home loan, or depending on the circumstances, bundling debt in a way similar to debt consolidation.

Ignoring home loan arrears more often than not only makes the problem worse and increases the stress you are under. Lenders are also often more lenient with proactive clients who are working on a solution.

Tax Debt

Owing to the government income tax debts or carrying PAYG instalment arrears can be one of the more stressful debt situations to endure. This is because it is often a result of changing business situations or unexpected events that bring up higher payments owing to the government.

Again, taking action is the best way to deal with this situation and we have tax debt loans and other solutions to help you through ATO debt problems and get you back in front again.

Bad Credit Car Loans

If you have been refused a standard car loan, contact Loan Saver Network to find out about the bad credit car loans we can provide. There are different reasons for a car loan to be rejected, often due to past credit problems, being self-employed, or due to other existing debts, you may have.

Contact us for our bad credit car loan rates and begin the application process so you can buy the car you want.


Credit Problems – YES!

Traditional lenders have a multitude of policies to ensure the loans they hold are conducted well, and hence bring them the highest profits for the least amount of work. We have access to lenders who can assist when credit issues such as defaults, judgements, arrears, or collection agencies are involved.

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Choices – YES!

We hold accreditations with a multitude of traditional and specialist lender who can assist with unusual circumstances. Most brokers have limited access to specialist lenders, we have taken an exhaustive approach to our lending panel to ensure that if there is a solution available, we have access to financing.

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Positive Debt Solutions – YES!

We are a registered Australian Credit Licensee Broker authorised for Debt Consolidation and Mortgage Lending, following ASICs guidelines for Privacy and Customer Protection, Member of Mortgage Industry Bodies, ensuring you are dealing with the right company, with your benefit in mind.


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