Multiple Requirements Case Study – Julie

Julie’s Multiple Requirements Loan – Success Story.

Julie was looking for a loan to cover her home loan arrears, pay back her defaulted credit cards and debt collectors, and she also had a tax debt to contend with. Julie had a very bad couple of years with her mum in the hospital with a terminal illness, lost her job, then in the middle of it all broke her arm. Julie was originally running a gardening business which she ended up closing because of the broken arm. She took a job when she had recovered and rented her home out. However, once she got back on her feet with work there was a large amount of debt and arrears to pay. Loan Saver sourced a recovery loan to allow her to pay all her debts, tax & arrears and get back on her feet. Julie kept her home, paid back the debts and she is able to move on from her disastrous couple of years.

Julie – I was so thankful to Loan Saver. They refinanced my loans and best of all saved my home. I have a lower payment and looking forward to stage 2 of my plan. Learn more about Bad Credit Home Loans

What Julie Says[/title]

Julie; the process was smooth and painless. I had a bit of work to do but Loan Saver guided me through the maze. My situation wasn’t easy but Colin was very understanding. Highly recommended.”

“My loan is a recovery loan as I hadn’t made any payments at all in the 12 months. The lender is great and easy to talk to. They’ve structured my loan payments so I can easily afford them. ”

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