Part 9 Debt Agreements FAQs

Wondering how to buy a home with a debt agreementPart 9 Debt Agreements can provide relief from financial difficulties and debt and an alternative to bankruptcy. Certainly, life can be full of uncertainty and surprise events that can cause problems with debt.

One option to fix debt problems could be an insolvency. For instance, two forms of insolvency include part iv debt agreements and part x insolvency agreements. However, Part 9 and Part 10 differ in the level of bankruptcy. In other words, the policies and threshold will highlight which insolvency is most suitable.

Part 10 insolvency agreements are intended for when you are unable to make payments toward the debt. Furthermore, you don’t meet the financial thresholds for a debt agreement. In particular, debt agreements are where you can meet the income and other limits, and can make payments.

Part 10 usually sells assets to pay creditors, offering limited refinance options. In brief, we will be providing information on debt agreements and the finance options available for you.

May 20, 2020

What other debt solutions are there?

Firstly, part 9 debt agreements are suitable if you are on a low income; and fit within the DA thresholds. Secondly, full bankruptcy is most suitable when there is no […]
May 20, 2020

What is a Debt Agreement Administrator?

Debt Agreement Administrators are professional debt negotiators who will negotiate with creditors. Consequently, they will also work with you to obtain a budget and manage your […]