What debts can’t be included under a debt agreement?

What debts can be included under a Debt Agreement?
May 20, 2020
What is a Debt Agreement Administrator?
May 20, 2020

There is a range of debts that can’t be included under a part ix debt agreement. Specifically, confirm with your creditor if insolvency can be used to settle your debts. However, some of these debts are:

  • Firstly, any secured loans cannot be included under a debt agreement. As such, these may include car loans, home loans, and any caveat debt.
  • As well as fines, penalties and court-ordered payments cannot be included.
  • Certainly, child support cannot be included and will still be owed.
  • Also, study loans such as HECS or HELP Loans and a debt is owed to the government.
  • Additionally, victims of crime debt & money owed as a result of a crime.
  • Likewise, debts incurred by fraud are not required to be included.
  • Finally, debts incurred after Australian financial security authority accept your proposal.

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