Tax Debt Case Study – Warren

Warren's Tax Debt - Success Story

Warren went through a rough patch with his business last year and fought hard to recover from the downturn. In this time he accrued company tax, GST and super payments. He was getting on top of it all, but the ATO has threatened bankruptcy, and he was facing closing his business just when it’s starting to take off again. Warren approached various lenders but none of them would consider paying the tax debt, or offer any solution because the tax debt was noted in his financials.  Loan Saver worked with Warren’s accountant to remit the general Interest and set up a loan to pay back all of Warren’s tax debt. Because we paid the debt in a sufficient amount of time (before the ATO listed judgement); we were also able to put a plan in place to reduce his payments even further. Compared to the ATO payment arrangement we saved Warren over $2700 a month.

Warren– I was being faced with closing my business and bankruptcy. The loan we ended up with was actually quite competitive so we are really pleased. I can focus on what’s important and get back to business. 

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Why Work With The Loan Saver Network?

  • “The new loan is very competitive and saved me heaps of money. I’ve spoke to the new lender a few times and have had no problems at all. Colin (Loan Saver) seems to think i’ll be ready for an investment property next year… he’s been right so far so we’ll see.” - Warren, on his new loan
  • “I had some problems a few years ago with a downturn in business , it left me with a large tax debt and no way to catch up without help. I didn’t think i could get a loan because i’d tried so many times. Loan Saver were very easy to work, no hassles, and knew what to do and what to say to get things moving. They didn’t bat an eye lid.” - Warren, on his experience

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