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May 14, 2018
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July 10, 2018
Bad Credit Car Loans and Tax debt

We field many calls from clients looking for alternative ways to finance tax debts in the business. Most loans are secured by property, that can guarantee the lender they will recoup the money they lend. If someone is trying to source finance that is not secured by a mortgage, they are usually trying to find a solution for a very real problem, such as:

  1. No real estate to secure a loan
  2. Insufficient equity in property
  3. Wanting the loan to be in the business name as opposed to personal name.
  4. Short term nature of required monies.

So, what are the alternative solutions available to people with these needs?

For businesses, there are a number of alternative solutions which we have listed in our pages on this site. Such as:

There is another option called leaseback finance. Leaseback finance is essentially an asset loan very similar to a car or truck loan where a business owns an asset (or has sufficient equity) which can be used to secure a loan for a number of purposes. The process involves the lender buying the asset, then leasing the asset back to the business for the businesses use.

The benefits of this type of finance are fairly straight forward in that:

  1. You are able to recover past cash flow used to purchase assets.
  2. The finance is assigned to the business/company.
  3. You retain use of the asset without having to sell to recover monies.

Types of assets that can work in this situation are machinery, transport vehicles, or other higher value items.

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